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a Speaker

Hi Dineshrie, you were absolutely amazing at our First Tuesday and you made a big impression on the audience. You have left us with lots to think about and practice. I feel honoured to have met a SUPER women like you.

Michelina Standard Bank

It has opened my mind to my own true potential. I am ready to face the challenges that lie ahead for me. More confident. Dineshrie was excellent. She is very passionate.

Livona Ramharack

Dineshrie, you are inspiring and motivating – the sky is the limit.

M. Muchula

Dineshrie Pillay is a motivational speaker. She speaks with confidence and is convincing.

P. Machamire

This was a very informative session. Dineshrie had added an element of fun in this session and she is an excellent facilitator. I look forward to using the skills learnt today when presenting reports in the future. Definitely a course worth attending.

Rochelle Murugan

Dineshrie is fluent, articulate and a precise speaker. She is also a seasoned trainer / coach. She is an experienced public speaker.

E. Muchula

a Trainer

I was challenged to move away from my comfort zone. I also learnt that “I am a Brand” I have slowly learnt to be comfortable in my own skin; own my story and be proud of who I am. I also take away that not making a decision is a decision, there is no such thing as being ‘neutral’ Time management – need to revisit how and what I do with my time. Thank you Dineshrie.

Nthombizethu Dlamini

I believe I am a better person now than I was before. This training changed my whole perspective of life, work, education, it changed my thinking. I will become a much more improved person thanks to this training intervention.

Darielle Gentle

It changes your work and personal life. It causes a lot of introspection and puts you back on the path you planned all those year ago. Frikken Lekker Course!

Etienne Anton Keyser

It grew me both in person and in my career life. Eye-opener on all aspects of skills. Networking with new seniors was insightful. Confidence builder. Dineshrie: easy to speak to, open-minded, natural gift for interaction with diverse people. Great Leader; Someone that has left a mark – a positive one in my life.

Kay Naran

This course has been absolutely amazing and life changing. Dineshrie has brought out a side of me that has me excited about putting myself out there. My self-confidence is slowly coming back and I am looking forward to coming back and looking forward to putting into practice a lot of the things that I have learnt. Thank you so much Dineshrie.

Estelle Mseteka

I have become a more confident person in my ability to perform my capabilities. It gave me so much skills and tools to further develop myself and my career. I am also grateful for the content that we covered and the information we learned. The environment and people were amazing. It really was something that was needed for myself. Thank you for all of your effort, it was an amazing experience.

Shivash Jughdaw

It opened up avenues for me that I wouldn’t necessarily been exposed to. Dineshrie you are an inspirational women and a real good mentor. Thank you for everything.

The journey was very insightful and dynamic. The course content was excellent and very enjoyable. Dineshrie made the course fun, exciting, nerve wrecking but awesome.

a Personal Coach

It gave me insight in who I want to be. It made me realise that the fight is not yet over – so much to live for. It made me appreciate what I have so much more to appreciate – more to live – more it made me aware how necessary proper planning and focus is.

Colettle de Jager

It allowed me time for introspection and to take stock of life. I am thankful that skills and lessons learnt – it will allow me to make necessary changes and plans to move forward in life. Hope has been renewed and it’s time for action.

Samantha Ross

Thank you for your positive influence, teachings, your support and all your help with my development over the past few months. I have been truly blessed to have met you and worked with you, learning a lot from you in the process