Hi Dineshrie, you were absolutely amazing at our First Tuesday and you made a big impression on the audience. You have left us with lots to think about and practice. I feel honoured to have met a SUPER women like you.

Michelina Standard Bank

It has opened my mind to my own true potential. I am ready to face the challenges that lie ahead for me. More confident. Dineshrie was excellent. She is very passionate.

Livona Ramharack

Dineshrie, you are inspiring and motivating – the sky is the limit.

M. Muchula

Dineshrie Pillay is a motivational speaker. She speaks with confidence and is convincing.

P. Machamire

This was a very informative session. Dineshrie had added an element of fun in this session and she is an excellent facilitator. I look forward to using the skills learnt today when presenting reports in the future. Definitely a course worth attending.

Rochelle Murugan

Dineshrie is fluent, articulate and a precise speaker. She is also a seasoned trainer / coach. She is an experienced public speaker.

E. Muchula