It gave me insight in who I want to be. It made me realise that the fight is not yet over – so much to live for. It made me appreciate what I have so much more to appreciate – more to live – more it made me aware how necessary proper planning and focus…

Colettle de Jager

It allowed me time for introspection and to take stock of life. I am thankful that skills and lessons learnt – it will allow me to make necessary changes and plans to move forward in life. Hope has been renewed and it’s time for action.

Samantha Ross

Hi Dineshrie, you were absolutely amazing at our First Tuesday and you made a big impression on the audience. You have left us with lots to think about and practice. I feel honoured to have met a SUPER women like you.

Michelina Standard Bank

It has opened my mind to my own true potential. I am ready to face the challenges that lie ahead for me. More confident. Dineshrie was excellent. She is very passionate.

Livona Ramharack

Dineshrie, you are inspiring and motivating – the sky is the limit.

M. Muchula

Dineshrie Pillay is a motivational speaker. She speaks with confidence and is convincing.

P. Machamire