Full Course: Awaken the Speaker Within
Are you looking for unique ways to create and present your next talk that is impactful and memorable? Would you like to learn how to "read" your audience and respond appropriately? Are you seeking to create rapport with your audience and learn how to engage them from start to finish?...
Package: New Leader Coaching
Have you been newly appointed into a leadership position? Have you just started a new venture or a new business and are feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities? Then this coaching package is for you!
Package: Performance or Succession Coaching
Are you feel stuck or stifled in your current position and require a boost in your levels of motivation? Are you planning a pivot in your career and require coaching to guide you through the transition? Then this coaching package is for you!
Package: Presentation Coaching
Are you looking to overcome your fear of speaking? Are you looking to have more structure and presence in your next presentation? Are you looking for creative ways to deliver your content at your next talk? This programme is for you!
Find Your Purpose
In this guide, you will be taken through five steps to uncovering your life purpose. Purpose is related to time. Time is finite. Finding your life purpose is about how to utilize your time to things that matter most to you. In this guide, you will be taken through five...
Time Management Course
In this self-help course, you will be guided through video tutorials and self-help tools to assess how you currently use time and what you can do differently in order change and manage your time differently. The foundation to your success is how you use time. Time is finite. Time is...
Successful Goal-Setting Toolkit
This toolkit gives you the structure and activities to explore your big dreams so that you are guided through a process to putting the detailed plan in place. Goal-Setting is the heart of your success in life. When you are clear on what you would like to achieve, you need...
Personal Brand Self-Assessment Toolkit
If you are looking for change in your leadership brand, then this is the toolkit for you. You will get to assess: 1. Your level of emotional intelligence 2. Your business writing style 3. Your dominant personality 4. The masks you project and hide behind 5. Your networks and value...
Personal Transformation Toolkits
You will be able to achieve a high level of self-awareness and realization as you work through each of these toolkits. There are 5 separate toolkits in this product, all aimed at helping you through different parts of your life. If you are ready for a personal transformation and are...
Ace Your Next Interview
What you will learn here is invaluable – not just for an interview, but for your life. This is because, life is like an interview – every day you are interacting with people who could ultimately be your next client, or employer. What used to be a 1-day full day...
First-Time Initial Coaching Session: 30-Minute
You will leave this coaching session with more awareness on your situation and you will have actions on what to do differently about your situation.
Individual Sessions: Coaching for Performance
This is for individuals who are technically proficient at their role and require coaching on how to be more productive and efficient in their position. Can be booked in 6, 9 or 12 sessions.
Individual Sessions: New Leader Coaching
This is ideal for someone who has been recently appointed within a new role and have discovered specific gaps within their leadership style or have identified a skill gap. Can be booked in 6, 9 or 12 sessions.
Individual Sessions: Succession Coaching
This program is aimed at individuals who are being groomed for a specific role and require the intervention of a coaching programme as part of their readiness. Can be booked in 6, 9 or 12 sessions.
Package: Interview Coaching
Do you find yourself unsuccessful at interviews and cannot understand why? Do you sometimes feel that your interview went well only to receive a negative outcome? Do you believe that there is something that you can do differently in your interviews and just don't know what it is? Then this...
Ignition takes you on a journey to unleash the speaker within you. It shows you how to apply Dineshrie Pillay’s powerful insights to overcome your fear of speaking, regain your confidence, and use the power of words to influence, impact, and inspire those around you. Maximum of 5 books can...
The Contract with Yourself
The Contract with Yourself” is a 256-page book, that helps to transform your thoughts about you and your purpose in life. Be prepared to go on a journey of self-discovery, where you get an opportunity to detail what an ideal contract with yourself might look like. Maximum of 5 books...