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The Contract with Yourself is an inspirational guide on how you can created a detailed master plan of your life through meticulous planning, writing and daily reviews. The book is simply written so that anybody can start creating their contract today.
Michael Muchula
Financial Officer General Conference of SDA

1. Get the book

2. Start reading and reflect on your life as you progress

3. Make simple changes to your life for dramatic results

The Contract with Yourself” is quite an awakener in terms of living your life from the inside out. It is about making personal plans and ensuring a high level of commitment to achieving them. You cannot NOT take action once you have read the book. As they say, if you plan it, it is bound to be achieved. This book calls for action and to do what is truly impactful and important to you.
Leonard Mashao
Managing Director : HR Optimisation
Most people are searching for the magic pill

Most people are searching for that one big factor to create success and lasting happiness in their life.

Most people are craving for that secret formula to provide instant change and satisfaction.

Most people are searching for a magic pill to solve all their life problems.

Success in life is about executing simple activities on a consistent basis.

The Contract with Yourself seeks to prove this statement true. It provides you with the foundational tools to live your life to your highest potential.

You will be provided with facts, stories, and techniques to create awareness of your current reality in order to make those simple changes for lasting change.

Change starts with you.

Change also starts with awareness and taking accountability for all that exists in your life.

If you are looking for a mirror to hold up to assess your current life reality and a plan to pursue to make dramatic life changes, then The Contract with Yourself is for you.

On behalf of the UKZN Foundation and the UKZN family, we would like to extend our congratulations to you on recently launching your book, The Contract with Yourself.” It is a source of great pride to us that “one of our own” has achieved such an exceptionally inspirational work and service to society.

UKZN’s tagline is “Inspiring Greatness” you have achieved greatness and will continue to inspire the next generation of students, accountants, teachers and writers. We salute you!
Monde Mjebeza
UKZN Foundation, University of Natal

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