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If you’ve made a committed decision to become skilled at speaking to audiences, then this book is for you. By starting this book, you may however, discover that you have started on a journey from which you will never, ever return – such is the detail and care with which Dineshrie has constructed its contents. It could well feel to you as if she wrote the book just for you.

If someone wishes to borrow your book, refuse politely and recommend that they buy their own copy. They’ll be glad they did!
Paul du Toit
Certified Speaking Professional, South African Speakers Hall of Fame and author of You can Present with Confidence and co-author of The Exceptional Speaker

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I have long since read a comprehensive book about a subject that might be simple, but we all know speaking, especially public speaking is quite challenging for most of us. Dineshrie made it so simple in this book.

She took a simple approach using “Ignition” – a reference to driving a car and learning how to drive a car. Throughout the book, she therefore references this, and you can move forwards and backwards in the book because she has expertly used traffic signs to get more information about the current subject in a particular chapter.

I am so impressed. I think that this book is a must-have, not just to have on your bookshelf, but to read every day!
Bertie Le Roux
Transformational Coach, Thought-Leading Mentor and International Public Speaker
What is the problem with most other presentation books out there?

Most presentation books tend to focus on one aspect of speaking, so you end up needing to buy multiple books to learn the art of speaking.

Most presentation books tend to provide lots of basic techniques on speaking but it lacks the advanced skills and technical tips that is really needed to help you stand out.

Most presentation books tend to be text-heavy with very little illustrations, creating the misconception that the act of speaking is complex, daunting and scary.

It is no wonder that most people are too afraid to even get started!

Ignition solves for all this and much more and provides you with ONE source that you can reference every time you speak.

It is a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading because it is not just someone telling you what to do. It speaks of personal experience and Dineshrie shares her expertise with you with expert advice and practical steps on how you can go from being a newbie presenter to an expert speaker.

The analogy that she uses to compare public speaking with learning to drive a car is something everyone can relate to. You will get advice and tips on every aspect of public speaking. Sometimes the only thing that stands between you and your audience is fear, and this book will show you to overcome that and achieve your dream of not only getting your voice heard but of doing it in an authentic manner that is unique to you.
Gerinda Engelbrecht
Digital Engagement Leader

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