Unlock your true potential

“Unlock your true potential” is a 13-part audio programme that transforms your thinking patterns in all areas of your life. It helps you to identify your specific behaviors that have been holding you back from achieving real success whilst at the same time giving you the tools on how to change those limiting behaviors.

By the end of the programme you would have reformulated your self-beliefs, changed your perceptions about past painful events, released negative thoughts about yourself and opened up a path for you to live your life to how YOU would LOVE to live it!

This is timeless advice whether you are 19 or 90!

The Podcast below is my FREE gift to you. Follow it in sequence and may you reap the rewards of your discipline.


Hi Dineshrie, you were absolutely amazing at our First Tuesday and you made a big impression on the audience. You have left us with lots to think about and practice. I feel honoured to have met a SUPER women like you.

Michelina Standard Bank

It has opened my mind to my own true potential. I am ready to face the challenges that lie ahead for me. More confident. Dineshrie was excellent. She is very passionate.

Livona Ramharack

Dineshrie, you are inspiring and motivating – the sky is the limit.

M. Muchula

Dineshrie Pillay is a motivational speaker. She speaks with confidence and is convincing.

P. Machamire

This was a very informative session. Dineshrie had added an element of fun in this session and she is an excellent facilitator. I look forward to using the skills learnt today when presenting reports in the future. Definitely a course worth attending.

Rochelle Murugan

Dineshrie is fluent, articulate and a precise speaker. She is also a seasoned trainer / coach. She is an experienced public speaker.

E. Muchula