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A life dedicated to helping individuals succeed in life and to unlock their true potential

Dineshrie Pillay is an entrepreneur, author and communication coach

Over the past 12 years, she has personally taught and coached over thousands of people, impacting the lives of those who attend her live speaking mastery workshops, personal leadership and individual coaching programs. Dineshrie developed her own system of speaking to teach people how to: overcome their fear of presenting; be able to speak to any audience of size or complexity; and to empower people with confidence to voice their opinion. People have come to enjoy the warmth, humility, humour, and transformational power that Dineshrie instils within those she works with.

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Failure, challenge, obstacles and hurdles is something that Dineshrie Pillay has learnt to grow from over the years

One significant failure was experienced in her early 20’s when she failed her Board Examination twice before passing to become a qualified Chartered Accountant. At that time, whilst still completing her training articles, Dineshrie developed a motivational system to overcoming exam failure for the trainee accountants at her firm to help them to overcome similar examination failures. Over the years, her story of failure and triumph over the Board Examination has been an inspiration to students and trainees beyond the field of accounting, to help them to overcome examination failure and to qualify in their chosen professions.

Ace your next Interview

During the first six years of her business, among other courses, Dineshrie conducted workshops at Universities around South Africa speaking to students on the importance of personal branding and how to achieve success at their first job interview. This was born out of her own personal experience and difficulty in securing her first position soon after she qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Her program, Ace your next interview, has helped thousands of students and newly qualified graduates gain the confidence and professional technique that they need to secure their first job offer.


Dineshrie is the author of two books, The Contract With Yourself and Ignition: 3 Steps to drive from a newbie presenter to an expert speaker. Dineshrie wrote and launched Ignition in 2020 funded by personal savings at a time during lockdown when her own income was strained. In her words, “I passionately believe that anyone can overcome the fear of speaking and use the skill of communication to expand their careers and inspire others to share their wisdom.”

Dineshrie has the gift of motivation and the ability to impart inspiration to others

In response to the 2020 lockdown and the emotional turmoil, isolation and pain that was experienced as a direct effect from the pandemic, Dineshrie decided to respond by creating her own message of hope and inspiration in the form of a motivational video. Using her personal savings, she scripted a motivational message around the theme of lockdown and sourced voice artists from around the world to create a truly global message of unity and upliftment in a video that was released on 29th of May 2020.


In 2020, Dineshrie Pillay represented Region 11 (Africa and Saudi Arabia) at the Annual International Toastmasters Conference and delivered her motivational speech entitled, “Humanity will rise as a force, stronger than a disease.”


Dineshrie’s philanthropy extends to volunteering her time, skills and experience to hold leadership positions to serve the members of those institutions. She previously held the position of Chair of the CIMA Gauteng Committee that was in charge of delivering CPD events and programs to its ~5000 membership base. Dineshrie was placed in charge of being the Club President of CIMA Gauteng Toastmasters club and leading that club to be a President’s Distinguished Club in its inception year. She later held the position of Area Governor for Toastmasters mentoring 5 other Toastmaster Clubs. As a Distinguished Toastmaster, Dineshrie ran the Toastmaster Speechcraft program to Corporates for 5 years.

volunteer speaker, master of ceremony and judge

Dineshrie has also collaborated with SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) in her role as a volunteer speaker, master of ceremony and a judge on their prestigious competition: 35 under 35. During 2020/1 Dineshrie worked with SAICA to be a presenter on their SAICA News Show. More recently, Dineshrie held the position of Executive Director: Treasurer for ICF South Africa and implemented accounting controls, financial policies and governance within the newly established NPC.

health, fitness and wellbeing

In her spare time, Dineshrie is committed to a lifestyle of health, fitness and wellbeing.

If she is not working up a sweat in the gym, she is training and enjoying long walks with her dogs or cooking up a new plant-based vegan dish that she then blogs on her Instagram page Fit_Spec_Tives.

In Summary

All in all, Dineshrie has made it a point to always give back and serve at every stage in her life, both financially and with life-changing empowerment programs.

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