Most people sit in silence trying to deal with the daily stress of life. Over time these frustrations accumulate to leave you feeling helpless, defenseless and isolated.

You put on a brave front to the world and inside you are just suffering!

What you need is a regular boost and proven strategies to get you and your life back on track!

Inner Circle


Here is what this is about and why you need it…

Are you prepared to THRIVE in this new constantly shifting world? If the answer is “no” or even “I’m not sure” then you need the NEW capabilities to take advantage of the opportunities that exist for you right now…

And that is exactly what I share LIVE every month and through a full database of next level trainings, exclusively for my Inner Circle members. And if you happen to miss a live event, I will send you a link to the recording so that you can catch up in your own time!

This will be the ultimate resource for you – an ongoing zap of energy to give you momentum and create the breakthroughs you need to tap into the success paths you are working on.

The DP Inner Circle will stop you from getting stuck and allow you to create CONSISTENT MOMENTUM unlike anything else I could recommend.


Here Is What You Will Gain In My Inner Circle – 3 Months of Mentorship

You will experience a live event with me for 1 hour a month sharing my most successful strategies and habits for leading from within and achieving mindset mastery.

I will share with you my most powerful principles and systems for overcoming your fear to speaking and communication in a digital era

You have the benefit of learning inside a group with the opportunity of learning from each other and having your burning questions answered!

Each session is meticulously designed to help you build the three most important skills for success Mindset, Momentum and Communication!!!

You can typically expect to experience HUGE gains in your motivation, focus and confidence because of the strategies shared in this group are second to none!

Stay motivated and inspired during the month, knowing that you have 1 hour of dedicated time every month to focusing on working on you and your goals.

As the world shifts and adapts, you will tap into the exact tools and capabilities that will give you momentum immediately by setting aside 60 minutes LIVE online with me every single month!

You no longer have to feel alone and isolated trying to figure out things on your own. These sessions are meant to give you the advantage of peer-group learning and the ability to learn from others.

Just like as an athlete requires a coach to get to their next level these sessions allow you to be coached to your next level!


Join my Inner Circle TODAY and receive these amazing gifts to help you get started and create the momentum in your life and your business – FOR FREE!

Bonus #1
Time Management Video Series

Get Immediate Access to the strategies you need to take back control of your time.

Bonus #2
Life Coaching Toolkit

Achieve high self-awareness with the insights gained from the activities.

Bonus #3
Life Integration Toolkit

You will get an opportunity to conduct a self-review on how to achieve more balance in your life.

Bonus #4
Discover Yourself Toolkit

Gain an insight into your thought pattern and the self-destruction cycle you have created and how to change this pattern for success.

Bonus #5
Gain Perspective Toolkit

Learn about your driving force and what needs to change in order to keep you motivated.

Bonus #6
Decision-Making Toolkit

Understand your driving beliefs and your unique set of values that impact your decision-making ability and outcome in life.

Bonus #7
Find Your Purpose

This guide takes you through 5 powerful steps that will uncover what is most important to you to define your life purpose.

Bonus #8
Successful Goal-Setting Toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with a structured process to defining your goals in detail to turn your vision into reality.

Bonus #9
Ace your Next Intereview

Video training to map your career and create a strategy for success that starts with acing your next interview!

What’s my investment?

Inner Circle

$ 150
  • $195
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