Meet Dineshrie

“There lies within you a powerful leader. My role is to provide you with the tools and the insight to re-ignite your passion and remain true to your purpose in business” Dineshrie Pillay

Meet Dineshrie

Sometime during 2008, I was speaking to a group of retiring accountants about life and about their careers, and I had a glimpse of what my life could look like when I was their age. That vision did not appeal to me. Instead, I felt a calling to fulfil a dream of starting my own business where I can spend my days making a meaningful difference in the lives of people. I decided to train and develop people to become leaders in business.

Professional path fused with inner passion

I am a Qualified Chartered Accountant – CA(SA) and Fellow Chartered Management Accountant (FCMA) by profession. I am also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). I sometimes refer to myself as an “Educational Bean Counter” since I have 2 sought-after accounting qualifications and I have chosen a path in the field of training & development.

Now that might sound strange for you, but for me, my background makes me ideal to work with the senior managers and executives of business. I understand their language and I understand how business works. It is easy for me to develop a leadership development training program that is tailored to their needs and it is easy for me to individually coach leaders in business. Instead of helping a company count its numbers, I now help people to become more accountable for their own lives. I believe, that in order to lead others, you first need to learn how to lead yourself.

This principle is the foundation of the lessons I teach in my first book entitled, “The Contract with Yourself.”


When I am not working, I am usually with my Jack Russell who loves to play fetch and go for long walks. I come from a family of amazing cooks and when I am not having a cook-out with them, I am experimenting with new recipes and flavours. A personal hobby of mine is to complete 1000 to 3000-piece jigsaw puzzles. Apart from providing me with some brain stimulation – puzzle building reminds me of what it takes to be a leader in business.

There are many “pieces” that make for great leaders. It is why my programmes encompass a range of skill training. I love to travel and meet new people. The more I travel, the more I am convinced that that there are more factors that unite us as a society than divides us.

This gives me hope of what can be achieved once we work together. This hope, drives what I bring out of my delegates in my programmes.


I enjoy following the lives of top athletes and to learn about what drives them to achieve the near impossible records that they do. It is the same reason why I am constantly pushing my own levels of fitness to stretch the boundary of what I can achieve. I believe that there is a strong correlation between being a top athlete and being a successful leader in business. If you can learn to discipline yourself to be successful in sport and fitness – you can transfer that discipline to be successful as a leader in business.


I enjoy working on a volunteer basis for the organisations that I am a member of. My work with SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) has offered me many speaking assignments and working engagements.  Since, 2014, I have been a judge on their prestigious 35 under 35 competition that seek to find the top Chartered Accountant under the age of 35 years of age. It inspires me to know that we have such talented members making a difference in the communities that they serve. My work with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) has offered me the opportunity to present workshops at local programmes and to connect with global thinkers.

My work with Toastmasters provides me with the opportunity to offer their short speaking programme called “Speechcraft” to corporates. This programme helps delegates to overcome the fear of speaking.

You can read the separate lessons that I have learnt in my journey towards attaining these qualifications in the links provided.

You have crossed my path for a reason

I believe that every person whom I come into contact with, is for a reason. You are reading this right now because you are one of them.

You might not know that reason upfront, but once you open your heart and allow me to work with you, together, we can uncover that reason, and discover the leader within you. I believe that knowledge is a power. I believe that knowledge is a form of energy. Power and energy is transferrable. I also believe that knowledge is a gift. A gift that deserves to be shared with others. I have made it my life’s mission to pass on the gift of my knowledge to every person who crosses my path. I do this in the form of the speeches that I deliver, the products that I develop.

The training programmes that I facilitate and through the individual coaching programmes that I offer. Contact me if you would like to work with me to:

  1. Deliver a speech at your next conference;
  2. Develop a leadership development programme for your staff;
  3. Be your executive business leadership coach.

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