Video: Humanity will rise as a force, stronger than a disease

Lockdown is like standing on the edge of what is known and unknown

At the edge, you have options
1. You stand still, hoping that things go “back to normal” or
2. You wait to be rescued; or
3. You embrace the opportunity and boldly find your wings to fly.

During Lockdown, there were many “stones” of fear, anxiety, and confusion being thrown around.

I did my best in the early weeks of lockdown to try to alleviate this fear through posts, articles and videos that I shared freely.

I soon realised it was not enough, I also knew that I could do more.
I am not in the field of medical science and cannot contribute in that way, but I do know something about inspiration.

If I can instil a stone of inspiration in one person, and you throw that stone out to people within your network, together, we can create a ripple of inspiration that becomes a wave.

Collectively we can achieve a wave of inspiration that individually I cannot achieve on my own.

That is what I have created – a stone, in the form of a video – I share all the advice – so that you can find your wings to fly.

By: Dineshrie Pillay CA(SA)