You can only control that which you are aware of. Awareness Empowers You

I believe that the first step to change is Awareness and the second step to change is to take action. In order to grow you need to change your way of thinking that then changes your habits and then ultimately changes the way you do things. You can only control the factors that you are aware of. The factors that you are unaware of controls you.

As a simple example. In one of my leadership programmes I am working with a group of delegates on personal beliefs and identifying limiting assumptions that might be holding them back from achieving success. I ask for a volunteer to work with. I was surprised to learn that this beautiful, confident looking lady had as her assumption that “I am too old to learn new things.” We then went through a process to de-construct this limiting belief and re-affirm it into a positive affirmation. She has since progressed into a senior leadership role within her company.

Until I had made her aware that she was walking around with an assumption that was limiting her potential, that assumption was controlling how she worked with other people and most importantly was controlling the belief she had in her own abilities.

If you are ready to change and to grow, you must first embrace a willingness to challenge your current belief systems. Once you are challenged, you have awareness. Once you are aware, you are ready to take action to change.

Awareness empowers you to take action.