Patience. Persistence and Discipline are the ingredients to your success

In the fast-moving world that we live in – everyone wants a quick fix to success. Whether it is fast-food to quell your hunger; a pill to take away your anxiety; a short-term investment to maximize your cash; or a fast-track into a senior leadership position. Most people look for quick fixes.

One of the first leadership qualities that you build in life is Discipline. It is hard work to become a professional in any field. This requires the discipline of studying; the discipline of sacrificing social activities; and the discipline of maintaining a regular schedule.

Persistence is your next leadership quality to build. Everyone wants to succeed; most people cannot handle the failure that comes with achieving the success they seek. Most people give up too soon. I believe that failure is a way of testing how badly you want something. If you want to achieve something – you will have the third quality of leadership success – the patience to endure and overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve success.

So yes, set audacious goals in your life. Discipline yourself into a regular schedule to achieve that goal in small steps. Persist in spite of any setbacks or challenges that you encounter – these experiences build your character – it builds your grit. And most importantly – be patient – you heard the phrase – all good things come to those who wait for it – and it does!

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