Live New Day Resolutions

Every year, I hear the same line from a whole host of people “I have had such a tough year, I can’t wait for a new year to start again.” or “I hate this year, I can’t wait for this year to just end.”

I think to myself: “What a waste of time – you are essentially counting time down.”

A New Year is just a calendar shift; at most it is a date change – it is a way of recording time. Yes – I agree that it is a lot of fun to “celebrate” a new year – but keep things in perspective – it is just a date change.

Just like a New Year – every day you have the ability to “celebrate” the feeling of a date change. No matter what you are going through in a day, with the advent of sleep and rest – you can wake up every morning and celebrate the blessing of waking up to a new day with all the opportunities to change – just as you celebrate the feeling of a New Year.

This is why I am an advocate of “New Day Resolutions” instead of “New Year Resolutions.”

This is my wish to you to make every day a celebration of life!