It is not about perfection, it’s just about starting

The hardest step to take is the first one. It is hard work to become healthy and fit. It is hard work to start a family. It is hard work to become a leader in business.

Momentum is the process of continuous movement. Any step forward is better than standing still. Whatever you are trying to achieve in life, do not wait for the “perfect” environment; the “perfect” timing; “ the “perfect” amount of savings – just start with what you have and build your brand from there.

Life is a continuum and is made up of a series of ups and downs. Every event, circumstance, people and experience contributes towards the journey of your life. Starting something is the easy part, maintaining a new discipline is the hardest part. Stopping is a sign of giving up. It is okay to pause a bit if you need to – just get back to achieving your goal as soon as possible.

Take the first step towards your big goal. Every day do one small thing that will keep you moving forward in the direction of achieving it. As you see progress of your goal turning into reality, provide yourself with a small reward as an acknowledgment of getting this far.

If you wait for perfection, you lose out on opportunities and you lose out on life. Get started, get started as soon as possible. Once you start something, maintain the momentum until the goal becomes a reality.

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