Become the champion of knocking out failure

That big “F” word that most people do not like to be associated with! If we all know that failure is a part of life and it ultimately is good for us? Why do we avoid it so much?

It might be that we do not want to be associated with the label of “failure” I mean who would like to be called a “failure”.

It could also be as a result of our limiting assumptions that we have of failure. There was a time that I was coaching a lady in her early 30’s who had just been promoted to a senior position with direct reports. At some point, she said to me “But Dineshrie – you do not understand – failure to me is not an option!”.  I found that comment intriguing and asked her to elaborate on when that belief around failure started. It turned out that when she was in University, she had a bursary from a top firm. She desperately needed that bursary to complete her education, so whilst she was studying, she used to say to herself “Failure is not an option.”

I get this – at the time – she created this statement that helped her to successfully pass her examinations. My role now, was to show her that her University affirmation was actually limiting her success as a senior manager. As a senior manager – she needed to embrace failure at all levels in order to allow her business unit to achieve success. So, we started to work on restating her belief system on failure.

Failure is indeed a stepping stone to your success. Adopt an attitude to failure that is devoid of fear. Embrace failure as it offers you the opportunity to seek innovative ways to solving problems; it tests your ambition to succeed and it builds your character.

Become the Champion of knocking out failure!

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