Time is precious. Each day is a blessing. Live life to 100% of your potential

Time is fixed. Time waits for no man. Time has a way of “flying by”. These are phrases that we constantly hear about time.

You would agree that you have a different perspective and appreciation of time as you grow older. Your experience of time is different when you are in your 20’s, then when you are in your 30’s, then when you are in your 40’s and then 50’s and so on. As you grow older, you have a tendency to spend your time differently, to have more “purpose”.

There are many different opinions on what it means to have “purpose”. I have come to believe that “purpose” is about how you spend your time. In life, we do things that are meaningful, that have an impact to others and to yourself and we also spend time doing things that are low priority and do not have an impact to others and to yourself. Examples of “low priority” activities include excessive drinking and partying.

Purpose is about you looking at the time that is left in this lifetime and it’s about a decision that you make on spending MORE time on meaningful activities that have an impact to other people, to society and to yourself and to spend LESS time on the low priority activities.

When your purpose in life is given a time constraint, you wake up every day appreciating the blessing of another day to live your life in a meaningful way.

Every day is a blessing. Time is precious. By living life to 100% of your potential, you live to achieve your purpose.

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