Accountancy South Africa - Instill Change To present or to inspire?

Regardless of whether you are speaking to inform, persuade, sell, or to motivate, your primary objective as a speaker is to instill change. Consequently you need to focus more on changing the mindset of your audience rather than providing them with skillset.  Listed below are 6 factors that you should address within your talk. I will use the analogy of trying to lose weight to illustrate the point.

Factor 1 – Beliefs (Mindset)

What are the beliefs and assumptions that your audience has on your topic – address these during your talk; instill new beliefs through the use of story-telling.

Illustration: Belief on losing weight “I am too old to lose weight.”

Factor 2 – Thoughts (Mindset)

What are the thoughts that your audience has on your topic – how can you use those thoughts through rhetorical questions and reframe the audience perception on your topic?

Illustration: Thought on losing weight “I am too busy to exercise.”

Factor 3 – State (Mindset)

What state is your audience in before your talk and what is the state that you are building your audience towards?

Illustration: A fitness trainer is changing your state towards being more fit and healthy.

Factor 4 – Decisions (Mindset)

What are the new decisions you need your audience to take in order to achieve the change.

Illustration: Decision on losing weight – start going to the gym 5 days a week instead of 2 days a week (or none at all)

Factor 5 – Actions (Skill Set)

What actions do you want your audience to take after listening to your talk?

Illustration: Action for losing weight – consistently getting up in the morning to go the gym 5 days a week.

Factor 6 – Results (Skill Set)

Tell your audience what will be the expected results once they follow your steps.

Illustration: You lose weight!

A presenter will usually focus on factors 5 and 6; an inspirational speaker requires you to also tap into the mindset of your audience and that means focusing on all 6 factors!

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